Historical Selcuk

Selcuk, the lovely little town with an ancient aqueduct running through its centre that sits on the edge of the famous Ephesus ruins. The town actually stands on the oldest site of Ephesus, the ancient city that was moved twice because of the harbour silting up.

Ruled by various empires throughout the centuries including the Greeks and Ottomans, it was renamed Selçuk in 1914, in commemoration of the Seljuk Turks who settled in the region in the 12th century.

Many travelers pass through Selcuk as a transit point to Ephesus. However those who choose to spend a few days here may be surprised to find an array of things to see and do right at their doorstep. It’s not just the variety of historical sites and attractions you’ll enjoy but also the restaurants, shops, pace of the town, traditional Turkish culture and the fabulous Farmers market held every Saturday.

If you’re visiting during March to September you’ll see storks nesting; perched high on the ancient pillars that are dotted around Selcuk. When you stay in Selcuk here’s a taste of what to see and do:

• Ephesus Ruins, approx. 2km from Selcuk
• Ayasoluk Castle (positioned on the hill above Selcuk)
• Basilica of St John
• Temple of Artemis
• Ephesus Museum, in the township of Selcuk
• House of the Virgin Mary approx. 7km from Selcuk
• Isa Bey Mosque
• Saturday Markets, in the township of Selcuk

If you happen to be visiting in the cooler months, at the start of the year, you may have the unique opportunity to visit a camel wrestling event. The winner is determined when one of the camels, either runs away or is wrestled to the ground. The animals are treasured and treated like family members so the handlers remain in close proximity to break up bouts to prevent them becoming violent.

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