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Historical Selcuk

Selcuk, the lovely little town with an ancient aqueduct running through its centre that sits on the edge of the famous Ephesus ruins. The town actually stands on the oldest site of Ephesus, the ancient city that was moved twice because of the harbour silting up. Ruled by various empires throughout the centuries including the Greeks and Ottomans, it was renamed Selçuk in 1914, in commemoration of the Seljuk Turks who settled in the region in the 12th century. Many travelers pas ...

Visit Ephesus

Ephesus, for many years the second largest city of the Roman Empire; ranking behind Rome, and with a population of more than 250,000 in the 1st century BC. However the city is believed to date back to the 10th Century BC. Ruled by various empires throughout the centuries including the Greeks and Ottomans it remained a harbour city for 1000’s of years but as the harbour gradually silted over its people were forced to move inland to what is now modern day Selcuk. The ruins that c ...

St John’s Basilica, Selcuk

The Basilica of St John is located on Ayasuluk hill in the town of Selçuk and overlooks the site of the Temple of Artemis. The church was once one of the largest of the Byzantine Empire. Early church tradition suggests John brought the Virgin Mary with him to Ephesus and that the Gospel of St John was written here. It is also said that the apostle was buried at this site and that a small chapel was constructed over the grave in the 4th century. The church of St John was change ...
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